Club & Society


The Science club has the objectives of cultivation of awareness and consciousness of science and for this, it organizes various events in an interesting and orderly manner under proper leadership and guidance. The function of this club is familiarization of the student with scientific research, the encouragement of critical thinking and the involvement of students in scientific activities.

National Science Day

Poster Making Competition

Quiz Competition

Seminar and Guest Lectures

Tree Plantation

Health Awareness Programme


In order to meet the challenging needs of the corporate world environment, the commerce club was created with the aim to not only have theoretically sound students but also to equip and empower them to face practical situations. The activities of the club include Business Quiz, Group Discussion, Power Point Presentations, Guest Lectures, and Industrial Visit, to improve communication skills of students.

The Commerce Club involves various activities namely:

Quiz Mania

Guest Lectures

Tally Workshop

Orientation Program

Power point presentation Competition

Industrial Visits


The Humanities club strives to provide a community for those majoring in the humanities and for those who simply have an interest in humanities. This club works to promote an understanding to help people understand that the humanities are more than just Shakespeare and classic literature; it includes art, history, music, theatre, literature and much more.

Guest Lectures, Workshops.

Essay/Creative Writing/ Short Story writing competitions.

Poems, Shlok/Prose competition.

Exhibition and competitions.

Visit to Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centers.


Green Club focuses mainly on how to motivate the people for eco-friendly environment. Swach Bharat Abhiyan, no plastics, reusability of products .paper bags at canteen, soft copies in place of hard copies are some of the important initiative taken by this committee. The committee has student representatives who voluntarily join the committee to give their contribution to make our environment eco-friendly. Students voluntarily work under the banner of Green club for following activities.

Tree plantation.

Awareness programme on Biodiversity Conservation.

Awareness about pathogenic aspect of soil and water and their impact on health.

Awareness programme and community participation for water conservation.

World Environmental Day, Plantation day, celebration.


"Art, needs no words for expressions"

The Art and Craft club aims to provide the students with a runway from where their creativity and imagination take a flight. The club believes that art is not just a medium of expression but is in fact, a way of life. The club hopes to equip the students with the skill-sets that give a direction to their artistic impulse by conducting workshops on Cooking, Fashion& Grooming, Mehndi Art, Best out of waste, Nail Art, Diya making, Face Painting, Rakhi making, Jewellery making & Paper quelling, Tie & Dye, Craft exhibitions, programmes and many more such activities.


The club helps the student to identify their innate skills and to match it with recent trends. The objective of this club is to nurture a confident personality which is achieved through polishing the communication skills both verbal and non verbal. Effective self presentation is the key to success and career building. The club enhances the student’s skill through proper guidance and training. It include various activities as:

Skill development workshops

Spoken English sessions

Debate, extempore, speeches

Power point presentations

Group discussions and mock interviews

Visits to companies and industries


Knowledge with practical aspects remains permanent in students mind. Educational Tours are the best ways to develop thinking skills of students and to make them aware about outer world.

These tours are an interesting medium to provide knowledge in natural surrounding out of the classes where they can explore their minds and get wings of new thoughts to fly in the sky of education.

Educational trips in India and abroad are regularly organized to inculcate personal and professional values including teamwork, resourcefulness, leadership and an ability to handle unforeseen situations. In these trips, students also get an opportunity to explore and gain fascinating insights into the rich heritage, artistic traditions and diverse culture of India and abroad. Educational trips of the entire stream have been organized to Mount Abu, Agra, Udaipur, Kullu Manali, Goa etc.


Being a voluntary program, the RRC aims at harnessing the potential of youth by equipping them with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention, and build their capacities as peer educators to spread right messages to our community through various activities like:

AIDS Day celebration
Voluntary Blood Donation
Awareness of HIV and AIDS through film shows and Nukkad Natak.
Awareness of HIV and AIDS through Poster making sessions
Awareness of HIV and AIDS through slogan writing competition


College Magazine is the glimpse of the activities and talent of young learners. Students get opportunities to express their views by poems, articles and other creations.

It is the asset which is the collection of emotions and thoughts. In Rawat PG Girls College it is published in a very creative and unique manner.

The college publishes an annual magazine which reflects the achievements, progress and activities of various departments. It contains articles on various topics in all the four languages i.e. English, Hindi and others. Students are encouraged to contribute articles to the magazine.


God our creator has stored with in our minds and personalities and great potential strength and ability. Prayers help us tap and develop these powers.

In this materialistic world everyone is busy in getting solution of their problems. Everyone is in search of peace. Now a day’s students are also surrounded by worries, regarding studies and depression also, so we organized meditation camps and the lectures on spirituality by experts. So that learners can increase concentration and can get rid of worries.

As college focuses on spiritual development it enhances devotion towards god and guide true direction to students so that they can face every challenge of life easily. They can have faith in themselves and get strength which is must for success.


National Service Scheme promotes social consciousness, a sense of discipline and provides unique opportunities to the students for team work and constant interaction with community through various camps and regular activities:

Creating awareness in people about social rallies and finding practical solution to individual and community problem.

Awareness for health and hygiene. Creative workshops in collaboration with various NGO.
Celebration of various special occasions as literacy day, NSS day, plantation day, blood donation day, World AIDS day etc.