How corona effect on education in India?

When compared to decades before, when education was a luxury and was available for few, who could afford it and would devote their entire life to it. The situation has changed now that the country is facing a pandemic. Going to schools and universities has become difficult. People are looking forward to the new and innovative way to access education. Now you can attend your classes through your mobile phone, stay indoors, and spend time with your family. Here we have discussed how education has taken a turn in the effect of pandemic and how the country is dealing with the corona effect on education in India.

#1. What is COVID-19?

COVID-19, commonly known as the new coronavirus, was discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 has spread to nearly every country and affected the economy as well as the education system. Even though the world has faced numerous pandemics in the past, COVID-19 is spreading more quickly.

Because the virus is previously unknown, extremely infectious, and readily spreads from one person to the next, public health and government authorities worldwide are working feverishly to restrict the virus's spread while a vaccine is still unavailable. Here we have discussed the corona effect on education in India.

#2. Why Are Schools Closed?

Public places such as schools, colleges, and workplaces are closed to keep students at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. The spread of the disease levelled out in nations like China when testing and quarantine procedures were implemented. Social distance, event size limitations, and, where required, home isolation are all measures used to inhibit the spread of illness. Closing schools and offices allow individuals to restrict their connections with others while the healthcare system deals with the pandemic.

#3. Corona effect on education in India:

Many colleges and universities are decided to keep their regular classes online due to the corona effect on education in India. This involves using online technologies like group video classes that allow professors and students to meet and conduct lessons via the internet, even though schools are closed. On the other hand, many students who do not have the financial means to attend online classes suffer greatly.

Also, many students are having difficulty attending online classes. After some time in the lockdown period, students gradually started attending online courses. At first, online classrooms appear to be more appealing. But lately, it becomes difficult and affected the education of students.

There are undoubtedly several disadvantages, such as there are no examinations and students are graded by internals. Still, many students hope to reopen their schools and universities soon to attend their classes as they used to do before the global pandemic after how the corona effect on education in India.

#4. Conclusion:

Corona effect on education in India affected a lot more than the world has imagined. Format the business to the education institution, for the working professional to the school students; everyone has been affected by the pandemic. Here we have discussed the corona effect on education in India.